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From cat curiosities to cat catastrophes Ashley Loehn a certified cat behavior consultant (CBCC) from the International association of animal behavior consultants (IAABC) is here to help!

Common behavior consult topics include:
  • Aggression to people
  • Aggression to other animals
  • Litter box avoidance or house-soiling
  • Introduction or reintroduction to other animals
  • Preparing cats for moving or travel
  • Preparing cats to live with a baby
  • Fearful or feral cats
  • New kitten or first time cat owners
  • Cooperative care and veterinary visits
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What is a behavior consult and how does it work?

Our consult will be done though What’s App video chat or Zoom meeting for face to face interaction. The duration of the consult is one hour with a 30 minute follow up meeting and email support good for 3 months.
The cost is 100€ for the initial consult, any additional follow up meetings are typically 30 minutes at 50€. Please do not let money come between you and the help your cat needs.
Reach out to find out about sliding scale and discounts!
Our service area is the EU and UK, for help in North America please check out www.pawsofnature.com or use the IAABC dictionary to find a consultant near you at IAABC.org
To get started please fill out the cat questionnaire. It is very helpful to have videos of the cat’s behavior but please do not try to provoke an aggressive reaction or put a person or animal in danger to obtain video.



Ashley is amazing! I hired Paws of Nature when I was at my wit’s end. My high-energy one-year-old cat had been stalking, pouncing on me, and biting me multiple times a day. I was afraid to sit on my own couch! Ashley was incredibly thoughtful and helpful. After watching a few videos, she quickly figured out why my cat was attacking me and helped my partner and I develop a personalized strategy to change her behavior. Her tips were easy to implement and totally worked. Six weeks after Ashley’s visit, my relationship with my cat has been completely transformed. She no longer stalks me, and even better, she also seems genuinely happier, calmer, and more confident. I never would have believed this radical of a change would be possible…I thought I was doomed to a lifetime of being bitten. If you’ve got a cat with behavioral issues, I highly recommend their service!!!

– Nora Miller
Northampton, MA


When we adopted our second cat, Thunder, he regressed and attacked my husband, who then had to go to the ER for his injuries. We were terrified of what to do next but determined to keep Thunder in our home safely. Ashley’s quick intervention, compassion, and dedicated approach helped us keep our family together. Now Thunder and my husband are inseparable, and this bonafide lap cat is learning how to be the best little brother to our other cat Nadia. Ashley has meticulously worked with both of our fur-children and guided us every step of the way. We are forever grateful to Ashley for her patience, commitment and encouragement over the past year and a half.

– Pooja S
Enfield, CT

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